Arthritis Types Symptoms Feeling Pains and Inflammation in Joints

Types Of Rheumatoid Arthritis There are over 100 known variations of Arthritis, but mostly involve symptoms like pain, burning feeling and inflammation in joints. Some common types of Arthritis are briefly described below


This most common form of Arthritis can target both small and large joints of the body. Routine wear and tear coupled with improper rest can lead to Osteoarthritis. Other causes may include injury to joints or muscle, eventually leading to it. Unfortunately, there is no cure for it however it can be controlled if diagnosed in early phase. The best remedy for controlling the pace of Osteoarthritis is weight loss. Reducing weight, essentially, put less pressure and strain on joints this, coupled with exercise therapy, can further minimize the effects of this type of Arthritis.In extreme cases, pain killers are the only possible solution for patients, though surgeries like joint replacement are another costly option.


It is specifically a collagen disorder and can become apparent with severe form of Arthritis. It causes various skin problems like rash, hair loss, extreme photosensitivity and even kidney disorders.


Deposition of uric acid in a joint causes Gout leading to inflamed joint, and, eventually, taking away all its functionality. Starting from one joint, it may spread to various other joints, later on. It is considered one of the most crippling forms of Arthritis.

Diagnosis inflammatory arthritis symptoms and treatment

Most common symptoms of Arthritis are pain and inflammation in joints. Blood and radiology tests are best options for complete diagnosis of the disease, though the actual methodology may differ, according to the specific type of Arthritis under consideration and the symptoms shown by patientís body. In addition, any type of Arthritis can have detrimental and paralyzing effect on victimís life, so an early and on time diagnosis is fundamental. Otherwise, very less can be done to cure and to provide a better standard of life to the patient.inflammatory arthritis symptoms and treatment

Arthritis types symptoms and treatment

Three main modes used for treating various types of Arthritis are medication, surgery and therapy or exercises. Surgery, joint replacement, is the most costly and risky procedure, as the whole movement and natural functioning of the body is at risk in very few cases, success and dramatic improvements are seen.

As far as medications are concerned, there are some anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers, used mainly for Arthritis. As the condition worsens, medication has to be severed as well. Besides, certain injections that offer a temporary cushion to joints are also used to improve movement, but that, too, is a temporary solution.

Therapy is one of the most successful treatments for Arthritis, beginning with weight loss to muscle and joint strengthening exercises. These exercises can vary from weight training to cardio and aerobic exercises, depending mainly on doctorís recommendation and state of patient.

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