Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief Cardio Aerobic Rheumatoid Arthritis

Exercises for arthritis People with rheumatoid arthritis may assume that inert lifestyle at present is their destiny but in reality movement is the key to defeat arthritis. There are certain types of exercises for arthritis, which bring enormous benefits for patients, shattering the stigma associated with the disease. Doctors and physicians recommend a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercises, for arthritis patients. These exercises not only reduce the pain and inflammation of joints, but also improve their flexibility and muscle strength. However the presence of a spotter/ trainer is a must, at least during the initial phase of exercises.

Most common and widely regarded exercises for arthritis patients are cardio, aerobic and weight training exercises.

Cardio exercises for arthritis sufferers
These exercises can improve movement and flexibility at the same time. The examples of cardio exercises include rhythmic movements like walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and cycling. It is recommended that talking should be avoided during these movements, in order to get the most benefit out of these. However, it is advised to gradually increase the pace, as your heart and body will need some time, before it gets used to the exercise.

In my personal opinion, swimming is the exercise with tremendous potential as it is not that strenuous on joints, compared to walking and jogging, and is quite enjoyable as well. The effects that it brings on heart and body are just an added advantage of pursuing this activity.

Aerobic exercises
Dancing, yoga and stretching exercises can be included in this form of exercise. As usual, it is advised to start with low intensity; thus, gradually increasing the intensity along with the duration of exercises. Likewise, its best to consult with your doctor before getting yourself enrolled in any exercise classes, as the doctor can better guide you in the right direction towards the exercises specific to your condition.

Weight training
This is the part where many questions are raised and asked. Weight training is considered a stress for joints and people, suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis, rarely consider them. If done accurately, with proper guidance and dedication, these exercises can become the best form of movements for a patient.

Exercises for arthritis in neck, hip, hands, knees spine and the advantages of weight training are

  • They improve joint strength and flexibility
  • Build muscle around joints; so, muscles actually share stress of joints efficiently Improve immune system
  • Brings better range of motion, when coupled with aerobics or stretching exercises
  • Resistance can be decreased when inflammation or pain gets too severe; doctors’ advice is a must in such case also Better physique and conditioning along with better joint health

Finally, it is important to mention that exercise, alone, is not sufficient for arthritis patients. They need proper rest, supplementation and plenty of water. Supplementation and rest are vital to ensure that body recovers efficiently, as exercising a fatigued body also boosts the chances of muscle and joint stress.

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