Arthritis – What To Look Out For

Arthritis is a disease which is not easily recognizable at first and perhaps that’s the reason it mostly goes unnoticed until the symptoms appear in their augmented form. Arthritis can affect people of all age groups but mostly old people are more prone to it

What causes arthritis? Is it contagious? Is it curable? These are just some questions that come to mind. The causes for arthritis can be injury to the joints such as the knee joint, elbows or wrists, infection which occurred in the joints and lastly advancing age. Arthritis is not contagious and doesn’t spread from contact; so there is no need to fret if you have come into physical contact with a person who is suffering from it. Arthritis is perfectly curable and there are quite a few very effective prescription medications that can alleviate and cure it.

The first step towards prevention of a disease is gathering proper knowledge about it, like what are its symptoms, general causes and finally if you have it, what course of action should you take. There are over 100 listed kinds of arthritis; the most frequent amid them is osteoarthritis. It is estimated that over 40 million people in USA alone are clinically diagnosed with arthritis and majority of them with osteoarthritis

The symptoms to watch for, as far as this form of arthritis is concerned, are a sharp pain or ache in the joints and the surrounding area and a characteristic crackling noise medically termed as crepitus when the affected moves the joints. The most common joints targeted by this form of arthritis are hands, feet, hip and knees.

Clinically proven causes of this form of arthritis are obesity, muscles mellowing down and lacking strength, because of advancing age or disease and mechanical injury

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