Signs and symptoms of Arthritis

The symptoms are seen in joints. The general symptoms are joint pain, stiffness, swelling, reddening and decreased range of motion. In some types of arthritis other body parts are also involved like fever, fatigue, weight loss, rash, dry eyes, dry mouth, night sweats and breathing problems.In rheumatoid arthritis the symptoms can start in any joint generally smaller joints like wrists, hands or fingers. The symptoms are generally seen in symmetrical joints like both the hands.

Stiffness especially in the morning or after sitting for long periods, weakness, flue like symptoms, recurrent symptoms with intermittent episodes of remission, muscle pain, appearance of rheumatoid nodules under the skin, anemia, weight loss, depression, cold sweaty hands and reduction in saliva and tear production due to glands involvement are the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

General decline in health, skin ulcers, limited range of motion causing problems in daily tasks and increased infections are the symptoms in advanced cases of rheumatoid arthritis.In osteoarthritis the specific symptoms are joint soreness, pain the area around the joint due to weakening of the surrounding muscles, joint pain increases with activity, worsened coordination, walking and posture. In case of osteoarthritis of specific joints there is pain in the movement of that particular joint and in the surrounding muscles and difficulty in the activity involving the movement of that particular muscle.

Osteoarthritis generally seen in weight bearing joints. In fibromyalgia the symptoms seem to be different depending on the weather, stress, physical activity and the time of the day. The pain in fibromyalgia is generally a muscle pain which is in the above as well as below the waist and both sides, wide spread and dull ache type of pain. The painful tender points is the characteristic feature of fibromyalgia. It means on application of pressure on certain points there is pain. The points are between shoulder blades, back of the head, top of shoulder, upper chest. Front side of the neck, side of the hips, upper hips, outer elbows and inner side of the knees.

Feeling of tiredness even after lot of sleep is also seen in patients of fibromyalgia.In gout there is a pain in any one or few joints. Generally it starts at night and of throbbing, excruciating or crushing type. The involved joint becomes red, tender and warm. Fever may be there accompanying the other symptoms. There mat be recurrent attacks of gout and which may last longer. In inflammatory arthritis along with other symptoms like pain, reddening, warmer joint, etc

But along with all these the condition is accompanied by inflammation of the joint and this is the characteristic feature of inflammatory arthritis. Depending on the type of arthritis the symptoms may vary. But in general the symptoms are painful joints with limited range of motion.

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