Natural Treatment for Arthritis pain relief

There are several natural arthritis pain relief remedies available for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.Medications have side effects and surgery may be expensive and may not be perfect for every situation in such cases natural arthritis treatments serve all the purposes. It is well known that some foods cause inflammation and some relieve it. One should avoid the foods causing inflammation and take those one which relieve the inflammation. Flour, sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, boxed food items and fatty foods are responsible for causing inflammation. In contrast plant based foods, nuts, seeds, spices like ginger and turmeric and omega 3 fatty acids relieve inflammation.

Taking a healthy diet rich in anti-oxidants like fresh fruits and omega 3 fatty acids are good. Gentle exercise, stretching activities like in yoga and tai chi are good to improve movement. Vitamin C, vitamin E, garlic, ginger and magnesium containing foods are Besides diet application of hot and cold packs, relaxation, movements, devices and protecting the joints from pressure are some helpful in relieving pain. Stress does not cause arthritis but can affect the coping process. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation are helpful in relieving stress and pain.

Gentle and progressive exercise is helpful in increasing the range of motion, improving the energy level and strengthening the muscles around the joint. High impact activities like running and jumping should be avoided. Devices specially designed to assist in daily activities help in carrying out daily routine activities without much pain. Ways to protect the painful joints in routine activities should be found out so that the affected joints get less pressure and decrease the chances of fractures. In external application some natural remedies for arthritis pain relief are available

Arthritis Pain Relief

Some herbs have anti inflammatory effects like basil which helps in reliving pain and discomfort. Basil leaves about cup fresh leaves or two tablespoons of dried powder should be added to hot cup of water. After keeping it for ten minutes the water should be strained off. The water should be allowed to cool. Some cotton can be soaked in this water and applied on the area affected. It should be allowed to remain on place for about 20 minutes.Actually there is no cure for arthritis but taking care of health in general help in reducing pain, inflammation and depression.

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