Useful home remedies for Arthritis

There are several treatments available for arthritis. However due to various reasons like side effects of medications, complications and high cost of surgery, extent of damage caused and the patients fitness for surgery it is not possible to follow the conventional treatments available. In such cases alternate therapies are good options. Natural therapies are very good as they have either no side effects or if at all then very less side effects.

Home remedies for arthritis

Some herbs have healing properties. Spices contain antioxidants and phytochemicals. Some spices possess anti inflammatory properties. Therefore such herbs and spices can easily be included in food.Turmeric is useful in reducing inflammation and it also found to slow down the cartilage destruction. The turmeric powder can be added to vegetables and curries or it can be taken in capsule form. Ginger also possesses anti inflammatory properties and it also increases blood flow.

This is particularly useful in patients in whom the disease worsens in winter. Ginger can be added in foods or ginger tea can be taken. Grated ginger can be added to juices, soups and stocks.Rosemary also contains anti oxidants which is helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving pain. The herb can be added in food in dried or fresh form OR the oil can be used in bath or used for massage along with almond oil. Use of rosemary is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Saffron is a powerful anti oxidant. This is very expensive but it is required in very small quantity for its color and flavor. Saffron can be taken as water extract or can be added to rice dishes or soups. The saffron oil can be used for massage together with almond oil. Not more than two grams should be used daily as it may cause nausea. Cayenne is also useful in treatment of arthritis. It contains an ingredient called capsaicin which blocks pain signals traveling towards brain. This can be used as topical application.

Some herbs are known for their cleansing properties like celery and yellow dock, they detoxify the joints. This can be added in foods in small quantity or taken as a capsule but the capsule form may cause nausea. The herb Angelica can be used in the form of compress or it can be added in bath water. This is useful in osteoarthritis. The oil can be used for massage of the painful joint. The herb Angelica should not be used in pregnancy.

Devil’s claw has powerful anti inflammatory properties and the action is as strong as cortisone. This is more useful in degenerative type of arthritis. This can be taken internally and is the best way however it causes increased gastric acid production and therefore should not be taken patients of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Water preparation can be used as compress or taken three times a day. White willow and Bogbean are two more herbs useful in treatment of arthritis.

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