Diet and Exercises for Arthritis pain relief

There are several pain inflammation and stiffness relieving medications available to be used as treatment for arthritis. However it is not possible to use them for longer periods for some reasons like their side effects. In such cases if certain things can be added or avoided in diet along with regular physical exercise that help in relieving pain, inflammation, stiffness and even anxiety and depression due to the disease. Also these natural ways improve the quality of life in general.Healthy diet and mild and gentle exercise are best ways to relieve arthritis pain.

Healthy diet consists of foods containing high amounts of anti-oxidants like fresh fruits, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids. Foods low in glycemic contents are helpful in relieving inflammation hence are good for arthritis.Spices are rich in anti oxidants, phytochemicals and some of them have anti inflammatory properties. These spices can be included in daily diet in order to relieve pain. Turmeric is helpful in delaying destruction of cartilage and reduces inflammation. Turmeric powder can be added in vegetable and curry preparations or taken in the form of capsule.

Rosemary is useful in relieving pain and inflammation. This can be used in cooking in the form of dried or fresh herb. Rosemary should not be used in pregnancy. Saffron is also effective in arthritis and can be added in foods like rice dishes, sweets or tea. The intake of saffron should not exceed 2 grams per day as it may cause nausea Ginger is known for enhancing blood flow. It can be added to tea, soups or stalks or can be taken in the form of supplement. Cayenne can be added in spicy dishes as it blocks the transfer of pain signals to brain.

Apart from above mentioned foods nuts, seeds and plant based foods are good in arthritis as they help in relieving the inflammation. In general sugar, artificial flavors and colors, flour and boxed and fatty foods cause inflammation therefore they should be avoided in arthritis.Herbs like Angelica, Devil’s claw, Bogbean and White willow are useful in arthritis.Natural supplements can be added to diet like vitamin C, vitamin E, garlic, ginger, magnesium and chondroitin. Some herbal supplements are also available for pain arthritis relief. Other supplements for arthritis are Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine Chondroitin sulfate, Calcium and Microcrystalline Hydroxyapetite Concentrate (MCHC)

The exercise done should be mild and gentle enough to protect the already damaged fragile joints from fractures. The exercise should be low impact one. Water aerobics, yoga, tai chi and pranayama or breathing exercises are good for relieving the pain and decreasing the stress level. In general high impact activities should be avoided. Exercise increases range of motion, relieves stiffness of joints and strengthen the muscles around the joint Diet and exercise are natural ways to treat arthritis, good for health in general, they easy to adopt and absolutely harmless.

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