20 things you should not do if you have Arthritis

1.One should not stress himself if he has arthritis. Learning stress management techniques is useful. 2.Arthritis patients should not leave their all activities because of pain. 3.They should not skip sleep or take inadequate sleep 4.They should not avoid daily physical exercise. The exercise should be mild, gentle, relaxing and low impact. 5.They should not avoid plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 6.They should not avoid spices in their diet. 7.They should not do high impact activities. 8.They should not allow pressure to develop on painful joints. 9.They should not allow their weight to increase out of healthy limits. 10.They should not over work on some days. They should distribute the work. 11.They should not eat junk foods. 12.They should not take too much caffeine. 13.They should not take foods containing artificial flavors and colors. 14.They should not avoid use of assistive devices like high toilet seats or walkers. 15.They should not take high glycemic content food like sugars, flour and fats. 16.They should not avoid taking natural supplements. 17.They should not skip diet supplements for arthritis. 18.Patients of gout should consume too much alcohol. 19.They should not eat organ meats like kidney and liver. 20.They should not be sad.

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